Saturday, May 5


hard choice,
but this is my last decision..
* a late decision T___T

I'll never 'stalking' to you anymore in FB
it means,
I don't care about what do you think, what do you do, what do you say, bla bla bla..

But, if I don't accidentally see it, I guarantee, it is purely accidental
* see != stalk
because I could not hide yours, unless it is a fatal crush

Because no single word that come out from your mouth,
should I hear it from the others?
* although I had guessed it from the first
This can't be called CHINGU!!!
What can I 'expect' from you, while there isn't trust at all
That's why I always said, "geot-jit-mal"

And this is karma for me, geeeez..
wae~ wae~ wae~~~

finding another new target is not a simple mission
or maybe this was my last action for targeting people again
# retired

--- just want you to know, this is my feeling, I believe that you never guess it ---


  1. tadi sempet galau,
    ada godzilla injek2 ati qu.. atiiit....
    tp skarang dah happy ending oq ^^