Monday, May 21

how to create an Evil

Woaaaaaah, I'm so happy..
I could have a change to watch All About Eve (Korean drama) again. I remember on that time, the first was Endless Love, and this was the second.
The actress is Park Chae Rim, sometimes she looks like Vicky Zhou, because she has big eyes o___o. While Jang Dong Gun is cool, xixixixi..

At first, I had a wrong intention..
I checked 'eve' in dictionary, and I found it same as evil, bad, mean, .. All About Bad Things.. Because there is someone who have an Evil's side, very bad.. Never seen drama like this from Korea, except from Indo, but it really seems real, very natural, super evil..

Then, I knew a couple named Adam & Eve..
So, this was talking All About Evil Eve. 

And this is my truly interest.. Eve..
Men can rule the world, but Women are the masters of the men
# gentlemen, this is true

If you want to create an Evil Eve, this is the great formula:
poor family background (not economically) + possessive + envy
Enk, ink, eeenk.. You get a creature called Evil

eh, time to work again..
I'll continue it later, chaaa~~~

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