Thursday, May 31

nice moment

Thank God..
Thank you, because I have people like that around me, we can still gather and have fun together. I'm lucky and grateful, I can meet & know great people like them in my life.
That's my lil' family in here, gomawooo ^^
The next question, how can "I'll be there" for them ?
Just wait and see, if my consideration is right, I'll make sure my presence there..

Another nice moment for today..
While I was watching RM, I got a call from Simbok at 11.15 pm.
# I realized that I forgot to send message in dinner time
# tonight, I should even be in Temanggung with my parents
# in the morning, we planned to share story at night
we had talked for 2 hours or more, ahahahahaaa.. We had 'our time' as usual..
While tomorrow we will meet each other,
oups, it's today.. 17 hours again, gogogo~~~

--- I can't sleep tonight ---

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