Saturday, May 5

don't care

it's very funny,
I already look like an 'ababil' today
* shame on me

My brief story today..
At 12 p.m, I was on my break time, then I browsed to fulfill 'my need'. Then, I was curious about your status, and I found out about it.. 
Honestly, I was quite upset, and I've written it all in my previous post.

In a few moments, I had an urgent task in my office. I really focused on it, because calculating many numbers need a high concentration. 
Thanks for my goodness, I had this thing to do, and I forgot about my anger..

I was lucky this time, I got a positive effect. This wasn't ruin my day..
I still had good mood. I got clue on my task, and almost finished it. I was retired from a 'stalker'. I don't care anymore, yeeeeeeiy....
'cause I don’t care - e - e - e - e - e - e #singging loudly

Anyway, being busy is my best option,
* if.. IF.. you really want to know a reason behind that

or Do you want to offer me another options?
Jebaaal, don't make me cry again. I'm tired T_T, I don't want to lose my coolness again..
I'll learn to do what you've done, the "don't care" thing

Hmmmmmm, how many "don't care" thing that I wrote before this post?
* quite a lots #gedheg2..

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