Friday, January 28

an old song..

... I had a feeling, and that is true ...

I didn't know, if next Thursday is a holiday (Chinese's New Year). Everything was great, no problemo at all. Until this happened..

The following took place about 1 am [Fri, Jan 28, 2011]
Some people discussed about that holiday, and some of them chatted with me. I heard that information at early morning. So, I got that feeling, the bad one.. Honestly, my brain was 'disconnect' for a while, and I couldn't think clearly. I chose to sleep and left my duty behind.

Today, I successfully made my day more enjoyable. I have completed several office tasks. And I even came home overtime for reporting to my boss, and discuss another tasks. It was relieved me, my satisfaction as a worker..
Am I proud? Absolutely yes..

Eng.. ing.. eeeng~~~
What happened when I came to home? I corrected my question, what happened when I said "next Thursday is a holiday"? Simbok said another jackpot again.. bla.. bla.. bla~~~ Yeap, an old song, and my feeling came true..
That moment, simply erased my satisfaction. What I've got is sick and tired about that..

--- cenat cenut ---

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