Monday, January 31

little story about 'how to pray'

... took from preaching clergyman ...
[Mon, Jan 31, 2011]

I forgot about the writer's name, but I knew what the story is.. A nurse who works in a small hospital, she tries to teach her patients how to pray. Simple parable to remind us while we are praying..

How to pray?
When we start to pray, we usually fold our hands across our chest. Lets look our hand. It has 5 fingers, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. Each finger represents persons who should we pray..
  1. Thumb, a finger that closest to ourself (remember about the attitude of a prayer). When we look to thumb, we should pray for the people closest to us. Our father, our mother, our brothers, our sisters, our families, our relatives, people who we love..
  2. Index finger describes the person who indexing, directing, pointing, even teaching another people. Our teachers, our lecturers, our clergymen, people who guide our life..
  3. Middle finger, the highest finger defines about power and leadership. Our president, our ministers, our ecclesiastical officials, RT/RW officials, etc..
  4. Ring finger, according to pianist, it is the weakest finger. Remember about poor people around us. People who lack both physical and spiritual. The poor, the sick, the lonely one..
  5. Small finger, the smallest finger. Guess what, it is US....
Do you get it?

--- isn't it simple & beautiful ---


  1. @winisesaria
    makacie.. makacie....
    saia juga dag-digg-dug pas dengerin pendetanya
    biasanya c "Aku" selalu di awal je >,<