Tuesday, January 25

hosh.. hosh.. hosh....

... I got bad dreams 3 times in a row ...

I hope in the end of the day, I could control my emotion. At least, I shouldn't meet people and 'those' cameo too.. I don't want to hate them at a later day until I forget it.

Very weirdo, huh?
Yeap, and those weirdo was Lee.. That because in my dream, I always try to do my best. And 'those' cameo let me down. The world wasn't fair enough, people would let me down not only in the real world, but in my dream too. Geez....

--- wake up time with breathless is annoying ---


  1. hmm.. did some cameo break your heart??...
    what's happen?..

  2. yeap..
    at my first & second dream
    I woke up crying because of them
    it was too stressful >,<

    at third dream
    I almost cry, and I woke up breathless

    bad dream means bad day for me....