Wednesday, January 26

hail for debugging

... PHP versus .NET ...

My default programming language is PHP (actually based C)
When I need to debug code, I usually write this statement in most places.
  • print_r(....)
  • print or echo
Why we debug manually (with write code too)? Because we can't see truly PHP's code in there. Server has interpreted PHP's code to HTML's code. To display the value of variables, we need to print them manually, one by one.
Unfortunately, debugging in PHP is wasting time or not efficient >,<

Now, I must learn lots of thing about .NET framework [C.O.D]
What an interesting experience.. I saw my Senior debugging, and I was enjoying on that moment. For the very first time, I use some breakpoints appropriately for debugging (haha).
These are some steps that I use for debugging:
  • set some breakpoints
  • F5 to start debugging
  • F10 to go to next statement
  • F5 (when debugging) to go to next breakpoints / process
  • I could observe each value of the variables by hovering them :D
Debugging in .NET framework is cool and efficient. Programmer should be like this. Slowly but sure, I love to code with .NET framework too.. Thanks you, Senior, you've made me realize and open my mind.

*oups, 3:14 am....

--- you just need more carefulness & patient when debugging ---

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