Wednesday, January 12


... the world always spin with or without you ...

As usual, I made a call to Simbok (my lovely moms). I reported some interesting stories to her. I almost spend 3-millions on this day. (woot) 3-million in a day? With my own money, what's wrong with my world ^^

2-million for buying SE Xperia X8. I need a new mobile phone in a very long time. Unfortunately, it would be indent..
600 thousand for buying a new modem. I chose Dual-Band modem with SMART provider. I hope, I have great connection in Magelang (my hometown) & Jogja (my workplace). As an IT's person, our lives depend on the internet, really..
400 thousand to pay boarding fees for about 2 month. Sometimes I forgot about this thing (doh)
150 thousand for buying new laptop bag (included 50% discount). I want to wear a backpack one.

Then, I thought that 3-million wasn't a small number. I decided to pay regularly in a week.
So, I shared this story. Guess it, what she said? She tried to lecture me about the future, my job, my workplace, my life, bla bla bla.. I couldn't breath for a while, dropped my tears and felt very angry.

the stupid lee said:
"i couldn't leave them", "do you know my thought or my feeling", "if you were in my position", "you don't know what i'm doing", "whether I was being playful", "so, what should i do, huh", "q!@#$%^&", ....

I knew if Simbok knew that I cried, from my voice, from my answer.. She told me on our last conversation, "just thing about it...." Geez, from the first time, I knew that she was right (ToT)
And I just got J.A.C.K.P.O.T from my baby, muaaach..

--- hope is a dream that never sleeps ---

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