Thursday, January 13

i got better ^^

Previously, I used Mobi for my connection. I thought that, it was enough for me to access the internet. I only need to log-in on Gmail, Facebook, Plurk, Yahoo Messenger to run my life & business. Those things are important for me. Although, I want to download music, video, etc too..
** sorry, I forgot to check on

One day, when I should to update & commit my job, I couldn't access to server, because I only got less than 1 kbps (doooh). Gloomy period for IT's people, so horrible. We can't live without internet, trust me..
In several days, I sang: "Oooh, i can't live~~~ I can't live without you (internet)...."
** poor Lee, I couldn't load page

I don't wan't to risk my job, my boss & my client..
I never say 'never' (sang again)
Then, I decided to use SMART with a dual band modem. Even some of SMART's user disappointed *you know what* :p

I still believe, that someday speed of internet in Indonesia would be better.

and this is more than enough for Lee^^
[Home Sweet Home, Magelang - January 13, 2011]

--- learn to be grateful ---


  1. Menunggu inet rumahan di Indo minimal up to 100 Mbps ^_^

  2. absolutely yeeez
    coz that would be great for us :D