Monday, January 24

2nd jackpot

... simple Q & A between me & Simbok ...

The following took place about 10 pm [Sun, Jan 23, 2011]
I came out from my room to find Simbok. She was lying on a bed and watching tv while waiting my sister to come home. Suddenly, I found her, and I hugged her. I didn't know what I was thinking about at that time. It was just my reflexes..

Then, I started our discuss..
Lee :: What is the purpose of our life?
Simbok :: ....
Lee :: What should we do in the future, when we've got everything?
Simbok :: What do you mean?
Lee :: First, I have graduated from school & college. Then, you asked me to work, I found my right job, and I was working on it. And now what??
Lee :: Why people come and go easily from my life?
[maybe something was stuck on my mind..]
Simbok :: You know what, you must be more grateful. Because you still have "that" chance..
Simbok :: [bla bla bla....]
[I was thinking for a while]
Lee :: So, that is a cycle of human life, huh?
[ .... ]
Lee :: I think I'm in an angry mode, what if I forget it with eat a lot? Isn't it a positive way, because I can increase my weight..
Simbok :: Sure, you can :)
[went to kitchen to take a lot of rice for my late dinner]

After that, I started to build my busy world, as busy as possible..

--- stupid question ---
and she was right (again)

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