Thursday, January 20

all about 3 o'clock

We've heard stories about Cinderella, right?
I try to share my little story, that adopted from Cinderella..

I am just a girl like Cinderella, and I'm not girly as her
If this case happen, I would say: "menthel...."

I'm not a maid, and I don't want to be a maid :p
I ever did 'become a maid in 6 hours',
a few days later, I was in e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d mode

I don't need a beautiful dress, pair of glass shoes to come in a party
I only need my lappie, an internet, and don't forget, an electricity
for doing my duty and my kyaa2's time

But we had deadline time..
She got 12 o'clock in a moment
And I got 3 o'clock in day

What would happen, if I break that time?
03:00:01 am.. 03:00:02 am.. 03:00:03 am..
* I only hope, I still could nggembel *

Day 1 [Sat, Jan 15] 'till now [Thu, Jan 20]
I did lots of activities. Plus, combined with my bad habit, time forgot. Then, I couldn't control my sleep time regulary (doooh). At least, I've tried to sleep before 3 o'clock or less 10 minutes, ekekekek..
Then, what did i do? These are activities that caught my attention..
  • oprek Xperia X8.. I am so Android now..
  • playing games in X8 to make a good record
  • coding for my office.. (call on duty)
  • practising C#'s code.. (call on duty)
  • reading article about C#, .NET & their techno (call on duty)
  • installing Visual Studio 2008.. loong time~~ (call on duty)
  • installing OS.. repeatedly because of my stupidity.. loooong time~~~~ (call on life)
[sing a mars song for IT]
I can't live.. I can't live without you~~~
* (now) 'you' refers to 3 things: lappie, internet & electricity *

--- re-writing Cinderella's story when my lappy is dying ---

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