Tuesday, June 1

connecting XAMPP with Oracle

Usually, we find System or Software that use Apache server, MySQL database and PHP programming language. All of them have been integrated into 1 package, that we knew as XAMPP. XAMPP is great, huh?

Then, I had a new experience to run system that used Apache server, PHP script and Oracle database. I've been using XAMPP 1.7.1, and I didn't want to install another Apache server. And I used Oracle Database 10g XE.
The problem was : how can we integrate XAMPP with Oracle database ?

These are some configurations you should set ::
  • open php.ini
  • set register_global ON
  • set short_open_tag ON
  • uncomment extension = php_oci8.dll
  • uncomment extension = php_oracle.dll
  • don't forget to save the change on php.ini
  • then, rename these 3 files :: oci.dll, ociw32.dll and orannzsbb10.dll in \xampp\php and \xampp\apache\bin
  • restart the server
Tadaaa, you have successfully set it..
I hope this could help others :D


  1. In my opinion, set register global ON and short open tag ON is not recommended regarding security issue.

  2. @bay the way
    as your comment..
    when we set register_global ON and short_open_tag ON, then we set unsafe mode ON automatically :p
    I used those configurations on Local only,
    not in the Client-Server interest
    so I ignore it..

    Or maybe you wanna share with me,
    what is the best way to connect XAMPP with Oracle database? :D

  3. for local is OK...
    but what if your site would go alive in the future? You want to re-code again?

    what if it becomes a habit, and people always set that ON unintentionally?... :P

  4. but it just my opinion anyway... :P

  5. @bay the way
    we can call it "suicide"

    I don't want it happen to me
    so, I always obey yours :D

  6. You can open it using any text editor.
    For example, "Notepad"

  7. Thanks a lot.. this is working

  8. which folder need to be rename to oci.ddl,ociw32.dll and orannzsbb10.dll?

    1. rename these 3 files :: oci.dll, ociw32.dll and orannzsbb10.dll
      in \xampp\php and \xampp\apache\bin