Saturday, June 26

the holiday

... OLD Hopes VS NEW Hopes ...

It wasn't about my holiday, but last night I watched drama movie, The Holiday. I was late 20-30 minutes on the beginning. And it wasn't a big problem, the story was easy to follow.

This drama has attracted me, because I found big smile from Cameron Diaz *never doubt she joined at Charlie's Angles*. And Jude Law's blue eyes *even I didn't like his wavy hairstyle on this movie*. There was Jack Black too, he added his sense of humor *of course, he did*. The other was Kate Winslet, I didn't realize her, until my sista said: "She was Kate, right? *sorry Kate, you're not on my line, so I forgot you*.

I am post this, not only to review the actor. Although the actor side is one of my reason to watch a movie. They must be a "COOL" people for me, ha3..

Find the messages, guys..
I recommend this movie drama for people that difficult to forgot the OLD hopes and can't see the NEW hopes. Or someone just like me, that always stick in the past, don't realize present to move forward in future.

--- act a fool ---


  1. I want to watch this movie but I didn't yet get in my hard drive...

    based on your interpretation, so this movie has the same message as "500 days of summer"... :P

  2. hi3, I just watched it on TV
    when I saw Cameron Diaz, awawawaw....

    hmmmmmm, I don't know about drama movie..
    maybe "500 days of summer" would be great for me
    thanks for your sharing :D