Tuesday, June 15

they always there

... I am blessed ...

I am a commuter from Magelang to Jogja..
From Monday to Thursday, I stay at Jogja as freelance programming & lab's assistant. Half of my soul always in there. Half rest is in Magelang, my hometown. From Thursday to Sunday, I rock with my family at my home sweet home and work in office as a developer & programmer on Friday & Saturday. I am grateful for 4th part of my life, because some people are jealous with me.

Remember this, if there are people *talking* about you, you should believe this:
they are jealous with us, so you're so lucky, you have more than them, be thankful :D
This is my positive learning, positive better than negative, right?

In some reason, I must go to Jogja on Tuesday..
I ran out of travel tickets. Some appointments were unclear. I stuck on my family.
So, i choose to go with my aunties, they always go to Jogja at 5:30 am.
lee :: 5.30 am *glek* (swallowing sounds)

The third reason have a great impact for me. I am not willing to leave my lovely family. Yes, I am mama's girl and papa's girl too.. It's hard to me for leaving my home in a long distance, even for a moment. When I should prepare or packing time, my mood always bad, temper one :(

But, these is the special one..
When the time is right, and I must to leave from my home, these reasons make me comfortable than before:
>> I always say goodbye to each member of family, and they will remind me everything..
>> Daddy would lead me to the office's travel, and on the way, he will share his advice
>> Simbok would accompany me until in front of my house, and she will go in when I really leaving
Again, I am grateful..

--- June 8th & 15th, 2010 06.00 am ---
she was there when I am leaving


  1. I had the same feeling to every time I depart from the airport to Bali...
    knowing ain't going home for short period, my mind wishing I has the ability to stop the time... :P

  2. don't worry, baby
    they always there for us..
    be thankful for everything that we had :D

  3. Ea... Bayu dipanggil baby..
    Ihiieey =P


  4. he was my baby :D
    no doubt about it..