Thursday, June 17

SELL :: Fitted Ipod Touch Case - Headphones Series!

Fitted Ipod Touch Case - Headphones Series!

:: Specification ::
Fresh from USA!
Fits for Ipod Touch 2nd Gen & 3rd Gen
For those of you who care about your Ipod Touch!

:: Excellence ::
It must match with yours 2nd Gend & 3rd Gen Ipod Touch
Inside part is soft for anti-scratched
Maximal access to yours Ipod Touch, no interference
Hard case coated fabric gives a soft impression
Rare goods, in Indonesia is still quite rare
Prices are cheaper than price list (check in here:

:: Shortage ::
Only available 4 items

Net Price :: IDR 220.000
* too expensive ? check in here:

:: Contact Person ::
post comments in here
message to 08562598910 for fast response!
special from sebastian88 a.k.a schizophrenz (kaskus)

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