Tuesday, June 29

percy jackson & the olympians: the lightning thief

... I loved there, because I can think clearly ...

I'm a person that up-to-date with new movies. And I watch lately. Not to concern with the "premier", but I have more priority to do.. So, here I am. Post about Percy Jackson & The Olympians, the first story :)

I was impressed with the intro..
Not about meeting of Zeus & Poseidon. A cool scene, when Percy was under water, took place in a pool. The atmosphere was fresh there, calm but clear. It feels very different when we swim with our eyes, with goggles, or the side of camera. In our eyes, will look blurred. With goggles, obvious enough, but still limited. On the side of camera, we can see everything clearly. Amazing zone..
After reached the water surface, Percy said: "... I loved there (water), because I can think clearly" *remember, he son of Poseidon, water god*

My puzzle
When I watched this movie, the Greek mythology book which I read, it felt so real for me. I love to know about Greek mythology, because when I was little child, I always watch Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) & Xena: The Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless). I am adore the gods in myth. Lots of gods, lots of characters, lots of creatures, and these are we called myth. Then, the book tells about background & history of each stories. It complements my imagination, imagination is like puzzle for me. And Percy Jackson & The Olympians movie likes a jackpot, ha3..

Can you feel each characters?
We would know connection betweens gods and human, and the new comer, demi-gods as their children. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades are the big 3 of Olympians, and they are siblings. Athens goddess of wisdom. Only 4 gods that played a role.

How about the creatures?
I hope I don't miss something..

The tools..
Sorry, lack of knowledge (doh)

The Original Soundtrack. I could hear Kesha - Tik Tok, when Percy, Grover, and Anabeth in Vegas. Kyaaaaaaaaa.. the timing was great. * i'll post it later *

--- can't wait the second story ---

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