Sunday, June 27


... ummmmmm ...

Sunday morning is time for watching cartoon..
One of my habits. Have a great time with another story of life. Although it just an imagination from the writer. And imagination is a kind of people's hope, right?

I like Bleach very much..
Lots of character there, I means, lots of COOL character there. The opening & ending always look great. The Opening shows shinigami's part a.k.a the story itself. And the Ending shows daily life, they wear usual clothes, like us.
Each of characters had interesting background to be watched. Have a strong relationship too. We could learn from them :)

Then, something happened..
== in Bleach 146 >> save Inoue from Aizen ==
When Ichigo, Ishida and Chad came to Uekomundo, they overtook by Rukia and Renji. Then, Rukia suddenly hit Ichigo, and said: ".... Why you couldn't wait us (Rukia & Renji)? We will definitely back, you know. And never ask this stupid reason again. We are friends, right?".

== in Bleach xxx (before 146) >> Ichigo fight Green Jo, and lost ==
Rukia came to console him, and said: ".... So this is a man who I liked..".

From the first time, I knew that Ichigo and Inoue were suitable. But, when Rukia came, it was blurred..

--- this make me curious and confused ---


  1. I think ichigo will be with rukia at the end... :P

  2. i still hope Ichigo for Inoue
    they have same "bleach" hair :D

    but, i don't regret if Ichigo with Rukia too
    waka waka wekekek..

  3. haha..
    we can't do anything either...
    it's the Author who made the story... :P

    it just my analysis that ichigo would choose rukia in the first place...

  4. >,<
    I hope: it's not too simple like that
    I love complexity :D
    it will be interesting story,
    and long too

  5. Indonesian people will say "sinetron banget"... :P

  6. noooooo....
    it must different with Sinetron
    the story should have a bit of intrigue
    that's why i love to watch it..

  7. then why watch bleach...??
    there are plenty girl's anime which have more love story anyway... :P

  8. hahahaaa..
    the love story side is so special for me
    you will guess, what would be the next :p
    the other reason is I can learn different characters there
    lots of characters, right?

  9. every movie has different characters... doh... :P

  10. then different story & different love story, right?

  11. if it is the same...
    nobody wants to watch it... :P

  12. waka waka wekekek..
    this is another reason (me)
    lots of COOL characters there
    like me, ha3

  13. cool?..
    which part in your character was cool?...
    wkwkwk... :P

  14. you don't know about that fact?
    that I was COOL like Ichigo Kurosaki or Toshiro Hitsugaya (male version)
    and Rukia or Soi Fon(female version)
    poor bayu....

  15. that wasn't the fact...

    poor you, trapped in self paradigm...
    wkwkwk... :P

  16. even it wasn't the real, I have a good paradigm
    not the poor one..
    I've more confident, bay
    trust me, it works :D

  17. wkwkwkwk....
    just like the *elemen said... :D

    *milk product

  18. waka waka wekekek..
    of course, brother
    I like men on the *elemen :p