Sunday, June 13


Time is tickin’.. T-Time is tickin’, tickin’..
Time is tickin’.. T-Time is tickin’ away..

There are 3 periods of time, Past, Present and Future..
  • As a realistic people, I could say: Law of Action and Reaction is happening.
  • As a Christian, I would say: The Law of Sow and Reap is also applying.
  • You and I knew it, the familiar term is KARMA..
What did you do in the Past, the consequences are experiencing in the Present. And what was decided today, it will affect the Future. I always called this as a Cycle of Life.

I can't stop this Cycle, and I think you can't too..
Because when you stop the Cycle, someone would continue yours. Remember this, we are Social Beings, we can't live without the others. In other words, whatever you are doing right now, it will affect the existence of others.

--- sometimes, when i take a bath, i feel the time isn't tickin' ---

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