Saturday, December 8

really something

Hmmmm, it's really something that I (still) have strong senses, while I never try to use it, exercise it, or think about it,, but.. It develops itself, realize or not, like it or not, it still there.. And maybe, it's improving

Start from a chaining message from church, Simbok got a sms, "Please, pray for us, our child had fallen from the plafon. He need to operate, but his body isn't ready right now..". This message was from Pak David

First thought on my head: why on the plafon? Errrrrr, want to suicide, a stupid option, like there is no other place like plafon. Not recommended..
Second, what is plafon? Uh, a bottleneck in my brain, I just want to make sure, that plafon is something like root-top or ceiling or whatever, and Simbok said it right.
Third, aaaah.. it isn't a suicide, impossible.. No need to do like that. So, what was he doing right there?

In a glance, based on what I saw n read, I said to Simbok: maybe 'that' place.. In this kind of season, sometimes they have flooding time, poor them. Perhaps, he wanted to repair the plafon? Perhaps..

.. then, we continuing to watch a movie, Perfect Pitch ..

Next, I got it.. I read and heard about it.. That that that place is the same place that I thought before. And I told it to Simbok, what was running in my mind, and it meant, I was right before..
Such a bad plot, hope the best for this boy, God bless him n the famz..

Side story of mine..
Everytime I pass to that place, my mind always 'playing' itself, imagines about some good things, (of course) that never really happen to me, just a kind of dreams or wishes. But somehow, in the same time, I don't have good feelings on it, it isn't an easy thing to tell, but I don't like it.. No other reason..

Yeaaah, that really happened again.
Should I proud with this kind of thing? Nope.. This is really something to me. Guessing lots of plots, trying to build scenario, thinking this thinking that, need more data, info or even facts.. These are wasting energy and feeling #pheew

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