Tuesday, December 18


I got my Xmas gift in early time.. #too early

Actually, I still had a doubt in my mind, since this 'gift' would affect my life, in a long term way. If I take this opportunity, I should leave my life as a FE and continue on the B line. Never ever predicted this scene on my own life..

Mike said: "if you had a doubt.. some part of yours was started to want / get on it"
#close enough..
And the real mine: all I need right now is just a lil support..

If you say A, I'll do A bravely.
If you choose B, I'll do B happily.
I appreciate people that want to take 'responsibility' of my life, since I did that. And that means a lot for me.. Love it

So far, I got 2 votes, Simbok n Mike said a yes..
The next one, we'll promise to meet at cabe's tree again for tonight, and talk about this issues later.
Please, come in.. Jebaaal
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