Thursday, December 13

as time goes by

Finally, I found this song ^^
I found it, I found it on my new playlist #uhyeaaaaaah..

At first, I only heard this verse, Bobby Kim - As Time Goes By.
Nice beat, nice title, nice feeling. I got 'the feeling' only by hearing his song.
There is 'something' to tell, a message there.. You know laaa, "As Time Goes By.."

Next, when I get curiosity, I usually want to make sure based on my hearing, what does he/she mean?
Then I start to search lyrics, to know it more, the message..

Enk ink eeenk....
I found the first singer (for me, I didn't really know, who is the original singer)
Bobby did a re-make, with cool beat of course, and it's nice verse for me.
The first is Yoon Mi Rae aka T(Tasha), I knew her from RM, she is Queen of Korean Hip Hop yoooooow #swaaag!!


Oups, she did it on the slow or ballad verse,
an 'apa' song #gulp


As time goes by.. will our memories fade?

I'll would sing this song on Bobby's verse, with a nice beat,
and that's why I'll try to learn and accept everything in good mood
#Smiling Tears

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