Saturday, December 22


For many many many times,
I failed to post new story from my mobile. And I found a good reason behind this matter, I have great audit's team, I have G in my life ^^
Everytime I write bad stories, bad experiences, bad wordings, bad thoughts, bad plannings, bad ideas, bad emotions.. all about bad things, in the end of posting time, it would fail automatically.
After that, I'll understand: G comes to me, knocks my heart, and says, let's forget this, we have others thing to do..
I knew that I'm not perfect, I can't forget or forgive easily, I still need to stand in my 'position' too, that I have rights on it..
How lucky I am, I have a trully friend that would never ever to leave me alone, a friend that knows me so much, more than me.. And I believe on Him, thank you G~
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