Sunday, July 11

what a gudday

... craze time ...

Welcome to Grace..
For the first time, I am introduce to you, Grace Louise Harsa (nice name) a.k.a my Cho2. "Cho2" from her name itself, Grace.. Graco.. Co.. Cocoo.. Chochoo.. Cho2.... waka waka wekekek..
I found her.. Ups, I met her at Senior High School. Actually, I knew her because she was our Clergywoman's daughter. We never be a classmate there, but I realized that we would be best friends, and it just happened.

Grace's homecoming
Now is a holiday time, no doubt about it. Suddenly, I knew that she was in Magelang, and I had to chat with her. She invited me to make some crazy planning, as usual. Why not, we rarely meet each other. I am traveler on Magelang - Jogja, and she still have college in Bandung.
Pst.. pssst.... She would graduate on next October, wish her luck..

Our Crazy Plans
At 9.00 am, we went to the church. Unfortunately, we separated there, I was on the 2nd floor and she with her daddy at 1st floor. Thank you, because of this reason, I heard the messages from Clergyman seriously. Next, we had a lunch at Cafe Pajajaran for saving energy, ha3.. Then, we went to Puri Asri Hotel, there was a private swimming pool there. A private one, because usually no one there, only guest's hotel, or people like us, *the private one*. Arrrrrrgh, receptionist rejected us, the holiday time make it full of guests, we couldn't swim there, *we were not the private one anymore*. Puri Asri Hotel was Grace's choice. And back to my choice, we went to Gladiol, there was a good swimming pool too, and its location was near my house.
I will post about our moment at swimming pool later..

Additional Plans
After an exciting swimming, we choose to had supper together. Grace wanted all about ice. Weirdo things, but it was a big problem for me. We went to Es Eny, and we had Bumi Hangus Ice. Lasto, we headed to my house, it was our end point..
this was Burnt Earth Ice a.k.a Bumi Hangus Ice

All by foot
We done this plan all by foot. I never get a permission to ride a motor-cycle from my parents, because I am their girl. Grace can't ride too. We chose win-win solution, by foot.
What a tiring day, but I really like it..

--- luph you, Cho ---


  1. hello there, long time no see..
    should I invite you? wkwkwkwk
    come here first, then we go together laaah ^^