Wednesday, July 7

tic toc slowly

... nice moment ...

I felt too long, but it wasn't..
I had an Object Oriented Programming class at 3rd period, 13.30pm. Which means as an assistant's lab, I must teach another, and I love this part of my life :D
I got new partner here, Rico and Hendra. Rico taught the first part, then Hendra, and the last part was me.
Salute for Rico.. He had a great confident as a newbie. And I appreciated when someone offered him / her self to teach. Life is not command or commanded, but self-initiative is needed. It took a long time in here, a simple module with detail explanation. Again, not bad as a newbie, I felt his spirit. The next was Hendra. No doubt with his way, I ever watched him, he was good. Hendra and I were responsible to control the rest of the time. Of course in a short time.

Tic toc slowly..
Yeap, I felt the time was tic toc slowly again, so I was worried. And the reason was module for today is easy part for us or maybe for me. We learned Flow Control, basic for programming, but it was crucial part too. Do you agree with me?
Briefly, I remembered what my brother's words, "you're a player on the chess game". Not about the way we order pawns. But the way we create next strategy. Observe all possibilities, attention to all movements, and preparing the next strategy. Sorry to say, no words of former gamers. Waka waka wekekek..
First, do A, then do B.. If B fail, then do C and D. Or, if B fail, then do D and E..
This way of thinking has made us grow, as a gamers, as programmers, as a students, as a teachers, as a human.

*eng.. ing.. eng....* Time to go home. I looked at the black sky, *doooh* it was going to rain. So, I increased my walking speed. And you know, it started to rain..
At that moment, I sang ~just walking in the rain~~~ I rejoiced, what a wonderful moment I had this evening. For the second time, time was tic toc slowly, and I felt happy. I didn't know what messages behind the song, but I love that pieces of lyric.

--- just walking in the rain ---

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