Friday, July 2

ai'em colli mbok..

... I am a night creature ...

Am I a werewolf ??? Or ...
I am "kalong" a.k.a vampire. I always sleep over the midnight, in other words, dawn day. But I don't drink blood, waka waka..
This is my bad habit, don't try this at home :p

Eeeeh, habit ?
Because this is a part of my life, my jobs & my responsibilities too. I always coding in that time. That is the best time for us (programmer) to develop system. We away from the crowds and focus to LOC (Line of Code).
Lots of my friends also complain about this issues.. Are you?

(Yesterday) I hate this..
Someone, but I think "something" called to my mobile phone with "its" private number. PRIVATE NUMBER at 1.00 am, awawawaw.. I ended yours, freak..
I hate when someone doing this to me. These are my opinions, SMS is important, calling is more important. A priority is priority, don't make it useless, even for sneaky.

Then, I decided to sleep at 2.00 am.

Why do birds, suddenly appear~~
Why I post this song (doh)
Suddenly, my mother called me at 7.00 am. I was shocked, picked up the phone, and angry. I had 5 hours only for sleeping. (My family knew that I was a night creature, but she did it anyway). She heard my angry voice, she said sorry and reminded me about the office job, then she closed the call.

I wanted to sleep again. But, I couldn't. I felt guilty, I had snapped simbok..
At noon, I sent message to her, I asked sorry because my anger. And she just laughed at me :)

--- luph simbok ---

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