Tuesday, July 6

bubye my luphly brother

... I wrote this when He was departing (live) ...

He got a problem with Miss JaeHoo, his lil' girlfriend, his truly girlfriend. Then, he decided to take his annual leave, whereas a month ago (or maybe two) was his homecoming's time. We (me and my family) thought, he was reckless. He didn't give a priority to work, when his company had issues. Hmmmmmm.., not he, but because of she. My family felt annoyed with a case like this, a small one..

Then, which one is the big problem ?
The big problem is when you hurt my mother.. *toet toet toet.... sound of hazard alarm*
Then, the world gonna be dangerous in a moment. She is our "Queen", Kindness Queen (I loph this) and Anger Queen (I am scary of this creature). When rising of the Anger Queen comes, the time would tic toc slowly~~~ What a heavy day..
I give you a simple description about my Queen, she always bring a noticeboard, with the words: "don't interfere with my childreen".
I post something exclusive here, brrrrrr.... This case closed (-__________-)

A short period
Michael, his COOL baptism's name (I took Michelle to make this perfect).
Michael came on Saturday morning, and must go back to Bali on Thursday night. I just met him in a short period, Saturday evening till Monday morning only. Everyday, he went to Temanggung, to meet Miss JaeHoo, to settle the real problem (not about our Queen). So, I could say, it just a moment.
Indeed, I didn't pick him up with burger and ice milk in the morning. Or said goodbye at his departure time (I always afraid to drop my tears and choose to flee). *hikz*
All I want to say is :: I love my Michael..

--- see ya Mike ---

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