Sunday, July 18

dim sum at quality hotel

... this would be our weekly plan ...

I heard jun2's conversation (jun2 means my junior), that someday they would come to eat dim sum at Quality. So, I chose to follow them. I was excting to do culinary like this, especially with special peoples. We would have a great quality time to close each other..

Here we are..
Me, Hernawan, Mike, Bon2, Riky, Havel, how lucky we were? These were innocent participants, each of us never went to this hotel before. I felt like a brat, but it was impossible if a brat come to grand hotel. And this was my new argument, we were like tourists. Waka waka wekekek..

Hawdy? Hawdy? Hawdy?
I really like the situation there, the China's ethnic. Red and gold looks elegant. Lots of ceramics and cute accessories. Waiters wear tradition uniform. Traditional music with traditional musical intruments plays from player (not a live show), and it felt country too, ha3..

"Peng chiu"
Do you know "Peng chiu"? It is a kind of Chinese's eating style. There is circle turntable with more than 6 chairs. Each of us had little plate, cup and chopsticks. Just wait and see, dishes will be served to our table. This is an exclusive one, you would taste new dishes.

Unfortunately, the bill was gone
I am too late to post this story, because I try to find the bill *I brought to my home, so I could share my experience with my family*. I wished I listed our dishes we eat. So,
I asked to my mom: Where is the Quality's bill ?
then my mom: I throw away this morning
me: Hwaaaaaaaaa.... *too late*

--- don't be late, Lee ---

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