Monday, July 5

hachi: a dog's tale

... my superhero is hachiko ...

Hachi is an Akita's dog
What a cute dog.. As a dog's lovers, I want to pet Akita dog if I have a chance. His innocent face is kawaii. And I guest, he is a naughty boy :p

Unconditional love ???
Is that an unconditional love? Love between human and dog? (I just remember that statement from Oprah Winfrey Show). Is "love" is the right term to represent that relation? Just answer with your own..
All I know, they always there for us :)

Every dog has a sense of faithful to their owners
So, if I ever heard that Hachiko (Akita dog) is a faithful dog, is not entirely true. All kind of dogs are faithful dog.
When I was young, I have lots of puppies, mutts (Java island). Kiki as the mother of all mothers. Dindo is my superhero, the COOL one. Kiko, his plain white fur indicated that he was a lazy boy. Stego (from Stegosaurus), he's a brat, sometimes he had a mo-hawk style. Chocky, the naughty boy, he was bitting everything.. This is a list of my heroes. An honor for me, I could gave his name one by one alone.
Are the dogs reflection his owner ? or vice versa ??? Waka waka wekekek....

Can you imagine professor's feeling, when he said "Hachii.. hachiiiiii...." ???
Yes, I can. It's wonderful. Someday, I'll call their name again..

--- Hachii.. Hachiiiiii.... ---

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