Wednesday, May 5

ramen, ramen n ramen (culinary)

... ramen noodles ...

Before the official culinary (Wednesday), blue wants ramen (typical Japanese noodles), xixixixi.. We hunted some places in Jogja, especially Kaliurang district. Some ramen's seller detected in there. Then, I chose to follow blue's journey. It took 30 minutes, started from Duta Wacana until our last target. Remember our last story, he3....
Actually, I'm still curious about its original flavor. I don't believe, if it's taste is sour. There are some odd mixtures of vegetables too, but I like the sweet corn one.

First time I tried ramen at Samurai Ramen (long time ago), Kaliurang St. near Merapi View. Weeew, it was sour, because they made his own sauce from apple, vinegar, etc.. Is it original Ramen? I don't like it..

At Tuesday afternoon, we checked Nikou Ramen in Selokan Mataram, but it closed. Then, we went to Kaliurang district, we found Sentana Bistro (before Ring Road), but it very quiet. Finally, we decided not to eat Ramen, but we tried at Indian restaurant. I ordered Indian curry rice, nothing special here, I'm so disappointed, hu3 :(

How about our dinner?
Again and again, we hunted Ramen. Our target was Ramen at Kaliurang St. (in front of Superindo). I ordered beef's ramen - somen, they said that somen is a bit salty noodles. Hmmmmmm, I was interested on it. From the second experience, I said that Ramen is so sour to me, I really not like it. I would eat ramen when I miss it only. Do you feel the same?

--- We also found Naruto Ramen. Naruto favorite food is Ramen, right? ---

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