Monday, May 17

refreshing to kaliurang (last part)

... day two ...

Early morning
Each one of us woke up for preparing the day. Took a bath, watch tv, enjoy snack and made some exciting planning too. We were so enthusiastic, the new journey had been waiting for us.

First breakfast.. Breakfast first..
The natural instincts said: you must eat, you must eat.. So, we decided to go to traditional market on the top of Kaliurang. We chose a place that looked clean and large, large enough to accommodate us for playing UNO as usual, he3.. Then, we orderer some food, like fried rice, sate kambing and soto sapi. Nothing special about the breakfast, because lots of place were selling the same menu..

What is next?
We went to Telaga Putri. Along the way to the entrance gate, we heard some sellers said: "peanuts for monkey.. peanuts for monkey....". Monkey is same as luthung (Indonesia's term), and luthung is human ancestors. So, I heard this statement repeated many times: peanuts for monkey.. peanuts for luthung.. peanuts for YOU.... kwkwkwkw *gojek kere mode on*
After entering the gate, we saw a pool with a little fountain. At first time, I didn't know, why it located on the beginning place. Hmmmmmm, just decoration only..

Our ancestors
Then, we continued our journey. There were 3 path, left, middle, and right, we chose the middle one. I was surprised when lots of visitor were going home from our path. Were we lost? I hope not..
My guess was wrong, when we saw some monkeys roam freely (from this point i would call monkey as luthung). Luthungz were everywhere, they climbed trees, searched some food and gathered with their community. Unfortunately, the presence of visitors interfered their natural life. Luthungz always seeking food from food scraps and the environment became dirty with garbage. Again, the human were shifted balance of the nature.

Telaga Putri's Waterfall
Not far from the place we saw luthung, we saw a beautiful waterfall called Telaga Putri's Waterfall. And in front of us, there was a group of tourist (maybe from UGM) that took photos there. A small place that very crowded..
The waterfall looked great when we saw it from a distance. But, when we came closer, the underneath pool looked dirty. Again and again, human were the main man.

Gardu Pandang
Next, we decided to follow a group from UGM, climbed the ladder series. We didn't know where we went, we just knew that there was a way. Here began our great journey..
It was a long and heavy journey I ever had, because the zig zag's path from bottom to the top. The ladder series composed of rocks, and it sometimes slippery. It need full or even extra attention to walk step by step. This "deadly path" had made a victim, Anix. She looked exhausted, pale, refused us to speak even though complain too. We worried about her, because she always behind us. I had cold sweats too. Oups, it was a bad omen for me, so I decided to focus on mine first.
Gardu Pandang was our destination. It is a kind of tower view made of steel structure, it consist of 3 floors. How pity were we.. The Gardu Pandang was untreated, lots of rust, damaged stairs. I can't and I didn't want to go to the highest floor, I was scary when I climbed to second floor. Scary Tower....

*Remember about the fountain*
After we came to Gardu Pandang, we knew that we would back to the start point, so we felt lighter than before.. Yihaaa~~~ The back's trip was very brief and great. We took some picture there, in a place that i called "ijo-ijo". "Ijo" means green, it was green like a jungle. Lots of smile there, Anix's smile to, ha3....
Welcome back to the fountain :D
Now, I knew it's function.. Water made us refreshed after exhausted from long journey. I love fountain much, the water made me alive.

Packing time
Like Cinderella's Story, it's almost 12 o'clock, so we must back to lodging house for preparing ours for going home.
~~ cleaned our self ~ cleaned lodging house ~ prepared & packed everything ~ didn't forget to snack time and watch tv ~~
Our departure time was accompanied by rain again. I thought, the rain love us :D

--- Aaaaaargh, I forgot to post this story last week ---
nb: I like this very much

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