Thursday, May 13

refreshing to kaliurang (part 2)

... day one ...

Our start point is from Andrew's house, he was the driver of our journey
Then, we (me, Hernawan, Bayu & Andrew) went to Anix's house to pick up her, because it is in the middle of our trip, Jogja - Jalan Magelang (Anix's house in here) - Kaliurang. From this moment, Anix became our guide, she did duet with Andrew :P because she often travels from Jogja to Kaliurang, actually she is the native one too..

Jogja's sky as bright as our hearts.. But, Kaliurang's sky didn't....
So, we decided to check in on our lodging house first. Then, we played UNO and bridge card too, plus had some snack. While waiting for the rain to stop, we were "warming up" for a moment.. Was it weirdo warming up? Of course not, because lots of energy explored with playing cards, chatting, laughing and joking. This is our habits, our moments :)

Although it was still raining, we decided to go out, to find our first food
We knew that there was Sate's seller in front of the lodging house, so we walked to get there, with 2 umbrellas too just in case.. Rainy day.. Umbrella.. I was reminded a right song about it, Bonnie Pink - Its Gonna Rain.. *singing* ciao~~ ciaooo~~~~

We are so lucky, we still got Sate Ayam n Sate Kambing there
Psst.. psssst.... From the first time, the seller said that Sate is out to buyers before us, xixixi.... While waiting for Sate, we started our habbits, playing UNO card until we had our supper (rock). I think Sate Kambing more delicious than Sate Ayam, because we felt more warmer and enthusiastic.

The next quest: looking for firewood
We continued to look for firewood right behind the lodging house. Adventurers travels by walking there.. Unfortunately, firewood still wet because of the rain. We must went back to lodging house, then we drove to a more distant. We got enough dry firewood for the night (yahoo)

Burning mode on - version 1
When we got to lodging house, we decided immediately to make some roasted corns. First at all, we started to make the camp fire. But, it started raining again, so we cancelled our planning.. Not a bad effort, we still protected the camp fire for later. Yeap, we waited for the rain to stop with playing UNO again.

Burning mode on - version 2
We started "bebaqaran" event, when the rain had not really stopped, he3.. Boys prepared the camp fire again, whereas girls prepared corns and seasonings. I called "a lovely roasted corn", because we roasted with joy n love. Additional bonus were 5 natural elements: Fire for the fire itself, Water for the rain, Earth for corn that felt to ground, Wood for the firewood and Wind for wind of the night. Yummy.. yummy.... I am really a sweet corn lovers..

Then, what did we do ?
Remember, from the first time we came to lodging house until this chapter, I didn't mention the "bath" word, because all of us didn't take a bath (rofl).. We just cleaned up ourself from bebaqaran event, then we gathered to family room again.
Playing UNO and bridge cards. Snack time. Watching tv. It was time to relax.. We also did small party, Brem's Party. Brem is traditional drink from Bali, brought by Bayu. I didn't like it, but i must drank to make my body warm.

Tea pot & dinner time
Because the cold atmosphere in Kaliurang, we must kept our body warm. Eating is the right solution, kwkwkwkw....
We drove to a place called tea pot to have dinner. We ordered fried rices, fried noodles and some tea pot too. Tea pot is hot tea that served with clay tools (cup & pot). No sugar, but with lump sugar. Sometimes, traditional one is more interesting. We waited our dinner with playing UNO too..
It was a great night, because the rain came down again, while we enjoyed playing UNO and tea pot time..

Last chapter of day one
After dinner, we back to lodging house. We gathered in family room and watching tv. I was interested when I found Twins Effect 1 in Indosiar. This film always make me stunned. Twin's first film, consist of action, drama, comedy film.. Unconsciously, we stunned and watched together until the movie finished.
Then we decided to end day one with a big sleep :D

--- to be continued ---

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