Wednesday, May 12

refreshing to kaliurang (part 1)

i had a chance to take a vacation with my "Big Famz"

Yeap, after much discussion, we decided to go to Kaliurang on our little holiday..

Who were WE ?
I always say that, I love my society around me. My Big Famz is one of them, and the special one. This is Indonesian statement which refers to our relationship (i can't translate it): "Lebih baik hubungan yang apa adanya, daripada ada apanya..". Be wise, people :D
The Big Famz are Me, Hernawan, Andrew, Emi as Mamii, Bayu and dex Anix as my lil'sista. Unfortunately, Mamii Emi couldn't join us, because she must to go to Singapore with her parents, huhuhu.. But, the vacation must go on..

Why we chose Kaliurang ?
We just want to take a little break from our daily activity. Refreshing time with people that we loved. I'm sure, it was a great time..
We stayed 2 days and a night in a lodging house. It consist of: 2 bedrooms with its bathroom and multi-function family room that we used for had a snack time, "gojek kere", playing card n UNO card, watching tv, and get-togethers.

And why I called our little holiday ?
All of the member of big famz were graduated. Some of us back to his/her city. Several of us also have worked to another city. We have different responsibility too. The world has change, huh..
Honestly, it is difficult to make us together. But, because of that strong reason, we miss to get-togethers again.

it isn't the matter of where is the place or what is the time
but, with whom you share it

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