Sunday, May 9

cap cay luthungz

... it's now or neva ...

I forgot to write my journey about Culinary on Wednesday afternoon. And I am posting now, because I still remember every moments that happened on that day.
Starting from incident Saturday afternoon on office, I set my status's plurk: "Office's dishes are great, because its remind us to live close to the people". It was Cap Cay Jawa, a simple Cap Cay that made you never forget it.

I didn't know why, people around me immediately asked me to treat for Cap Cay. Some of them, I called them Anti-Lutungz and I was the Luthungz, they started to post about Cap Cay Luthungz @ Rumah Makan Baru, ha3..
At first, I refused it, but I have planned since the beginning, so it doesn't matter to me.

How about the rainy day ?
I think this was the best part on that day. At first, we planned to walk to Rumah Makan Baru, near Duta Wacana. So, I said ~~it's cancel.. it's cancel.. it's cancel because the heavy rainy~~. And no need to guess anymore, kho penguin became our driver (lol).

Who were join with me ?
Me, of course (remember Cap Cay Luthungz). My new queen, bu Othie. A couple of criminal, kho yuan and cie niken. My new guests, kho willy (penguin) and kho antonius. Most of them are Anti-Luthungz that always toy the Luthungz, hikz....
But I'm very myself, no worried at all :)

What were the menu ?
Fried Cap Cay (accordance with the title) and Fu Yung Hay. Not too bad.. (I am egg's lovers)
Psst, psssssst, Cap Cay Magelang is the best. Magelang's people always say the same thing. I'm affraid if they hear like that, and I can't imagine, what happen next..

I love that moments..
Chatting, sharing, gossiping and having lunch together..
I feel lucky to know each of them. And I realized that my life filled with cool people. Because there is no "distance" between us, and it make me give thanks every time.

--- what is the next MILESTONE ? ---

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