Wednesday, April 28

culinary route on Wednesday afternoon

... the longest culinary route ...

On Wednesday, I have responsibility to teach at first class (7.30am - 10.20am) & last class (4.30pm - 7.20pm) only, loph it.... How about the second and third class / period? At second period, I usually have a brunch with others. And at third period, I use my free time to take a nap.. A day that full of refreshing moment.

But now, I think Wednesday become a day of culinary.
Why I choose Wednesday? Because I have free time there, fufufu.... And Wednesday is a day that in the middle of rush hour. From this reason, me and my friends could hang out together for having fun.

Today's Journey
Me (lee) and blue usually have brunch at 10.30am. And as usual too, we don't know where is the right place to eat. I remember funny comic from bayukw: "because woman want to intelligibility". It always describe our story, especially when we want to eat but don't know where is the place. But the ending story is different, at the end, we found a place to eat, even that is not the right place, kwkwkwkw....

These are our culinary route :: (in 30 minutes)
start from Duta Wacana Christian University, Sagan, Samirono, Gejayan, Selokan Mataram, Babarsari, Seturan, Maguwoharjo, Ring Road, Jakal, and last, Monjali. Finally, we chose Mie Ceria at Monjali. We ordered Nan King Fried Chicken there, yummy..

"Sorry, it is empty.."
I don't know why, when I go to eat there, I always ask about their big red crab dish. But the answer always the same, "sorry, it is empty". I am crab lovers, and I am so interested at their crab dish (because there is an image about the big red crab dish). I'm not lucky yet :(

--- angela zhang said: it's a long.. long.... journey ---


  1. wew... there is my name on it... :P

    I think when you ask about the crab dish, and they said it currently empty...

    you should shout, "Oww Crab!!.."

    gyahahaha.... :D
    what a matching twit...

  2. wew,
    i can't imagine what happen next when i say like that..
    when we would eat crab together??? :D

  3. It depends on you...
    because you are the one who gonna treat me... :D