Wednesday, April 14

am i made same mistakes ???

... I want different things ...

Someday, my friend told me the fact that I never realized. Over 10 years, and 10 years is long enough. I want different things..
I am the youngest child in my family, and I have a brother and a sister (Michael, Keyzia, Michelle). You know that, people said: "the youngest child always get much attention". Of course, I got love from all of them plus from my parents. And I love them too.

Hmmmmmm, there is something missing here. I didn't have a figure of little brother or sister. I never acted as an older sister. So, I am looking for a little sister or brother.. That's the reason, why I like a little child or my junior. I love being around them, because they got all my attention. I'd do anything for the special one. Ups, I think I'd do this for some special one, xixixiiii..

But, this was my limitation. I only act like an older sister, not the real one. I can't reach their internal life, their decisions and their feelings, until they give me a chance to enter it.

Honestly, it is tough for me..
Sometimes, I feel very very fool. I can only know, hear and see about them, but I can't tell what about my feeling. Because I'm just an outsider. Arrrrrrgh........, 911 please....

Take it easy, Lee.. They are still the special one for you :D

Are these over yet?
Absolutely not.. I still waiting until you give me that chance again. Or I have a chance to steal your attention again. Just wait and see....

--- I can be a "good listener", but I am "the worst teller" ---


  1. ternyata "brondong" lover.... :D

  2. xixixiiii....
    because they look so nice for me
    so, i'm interested with them

  3. those junior should be careful...
    buakakaka... :D