Thursday, April 15

only 3 reasons

... There are only 3 reasons, why I decide to post in my blog ...

Happy mode on..
I would express it with music or lyric that describe my feeling.. After that, I would resume another posting about my feeling itself on juz mic'lee. I'm very exciting when i post this part.

Sharing anything
Sometimes I get something important or interesting (for me). So, I would post it to share with everyone. What is that? Music or video (multimedia), not the new one, but the great one. Science and knowledge, because our logic always working on it, and we don't want to outdated, huh.. Story that will remind me, wait a minute.. remind to you too, about the "Secret of Life itself".

I'm in troubled
Weeew, I really don't like this part. I can't tell easily about mine. I think, it isn't right when it publish to public. But I still try to post it here, because it make me relieve. Especially when my family doesn't here. I hope, someday I'll read this post, and I'm strengthen because the problem become a great part of my life..

How about this post ?
I am sharing to everyone on my free time, because you do the same with me :p

--- uik uiiik ---

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