Wednesday, April 7

always on my mine

s.h.e - always on my mind lyric

yeap, you're always on my mind

-- juz lee --
though we didn't close physically
but we've gone crazy together

I always think about you
because I love our sweet moments

--- that's why you're always on my mind ---


  1. @bay the way
    do you know who I mean?

  2. @bay the way
    I think, you know what I mean..
    then you said: ihi ihi....

  3. I just wasn't smart on guessing... :P

  4. i feel sorry..
    you're not sensitive enough

  5. making too many assumptions can lead me into blurry truth...
    That's why I keep avoiding guessing etc... :P

  6. ha3,
    then you're right now..
    i'm always dying when imagine lots of assumptions

  7. dying?
    What are your assumptions?... (*thinking)

  8. sometimes, i ask myself with this question:
    why human are so selfish?
    is it difficult to understand each other?

    maybe, i talk like this because of my selfishness too..
    but, i still learn to be someone better :)

  9. Basically human being is "homo homini socius"...
    They like interacting each other...
    share many things...
    I think they can understand each other... :)

    But in some cases that involving private things or feelings. they will hide it..
    It just their self defense mechanism...

    And this kind of things is hard to read...

    It simply you just can't hack into somebody's brain.... :P

  10. yeap..
    i know that we can't live without anybody
    so, i'll try to learn every movement around me

    pssst.. psssssst....
    this was my self defense mechanism too :D
    i can't tell honestly, but i could write freely

  11. you write freely but you keep it implicit...
    what's the different... (-___-!)

  12. wew, are you crazy?
    it will be a big mistake for me, if i write freely
    problem is not beautiful, isn't it?

    implicit is one of the solution,
    when we want to relieve our burden of mind

    but, we'll take "explicit" one,
    when we are on sharing mode :D

  13. implicit leads to assumptions...
    I'm out of here.. :P

  14. ho3, back to assumptions again
    is it really a dead-end?

    no no no,
    sometimes we need assumptions to make the puzzle right :D

  15. yes.. with assumption we can finish a puzzle...
    but relying on assumption made us didn't know whether the puzzle done correctly or badly wrong...

    good detective relying on evidences, not his own assumption... :p

  16. (doh)
    from :: "you're always on my mind" 'til detective
    there aren't related together
    nyem nyem nyem....

  17. they are related by the word 'assumption'... :P

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  19. aiiiiiih,
    why always back to 'assumption' >,<

    if we know like this,
    everthing gonna be back to 'assumption'
    then 'assumption' is important in our life..
    am i right? or it's the matter of semantic one..

  20. everybody makes assumptions...
    but relying "only" on assumptions, is not my style... :P

  21. fufufufuuu....
    "assumptions" are great, but dangerous too
    with this ability, we can explore our imagination
    and because of these, everyone feel alive :D