Wednesday, April 21

when 4 species are in 1 condition

... can you imagine that ? ...

Today, i had a great lunch with another species, bu othie a.k.a le-lembut & le-lugu, anix a.k.a cemplug, ephaa a.k.a ephaasaurus, and me as luthunk, xixixixiiii....
Bu othie ever request to eat Mie Ayam, so we hunted it. And we chose at Mie Ayam Pasar Baru in Monjali. (I always see the restaurant, but never come in :p)

4 girl in the same place
You can called it "arisan" or "pasar", ha3..
2 hours had spent for lunch. Geez, lunch only??? Absolutely wrong.. Eating, chatting, sharing, joking, until gossiping. I love it :D

I think....
Hmmmmmm, maybe this would be a monthly activity (or weekly). Not only for these species only, but I hope you could join us too. Because from this event, we could still close each other.
I always miss you guys..

--- just wait and see ---

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