Saturday, July 9

too much? (again)

... chain reaction ...

[when i was entering to office]
Lee :: Haluuu.. haluuu....
Another Staff :: Good morning..
Staff :: Did you cry before?
Lee :: [*eh]
Staff :: Your eyes look~~~
Lee :: I didn't.. [*huuuuuum, what did I do last night >,<]


Ahaaaaaa, these are some reasons ^^
[1] Yesterday, when it was a break time..
I was watching Grey's Anatomy S03E12 - Six Day (Part 2).
My tears dropped so fast, I couldn't handle it >_<
[2] Last night, I heard a chance to move on..
Then my heart was beating quickly, and I cried for a moment.
After a while, I heard the next news that I couldn't get those in this period, 
huuuuuft.. ToT
[3] I am on my new mission, changing my sleep time, xixixi..
When it was my bed time, I woke up several times yesterday, and I realized it, 
but then I fell asleep again. And this morning, I went to jog..

Too much?
I should listen Park Bom - Don't Cry >_<

--- the body never lies ---

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