Sunday, July 24


... there will always be a place to talk ...
and here I am ^^

A few days ago, I was angry after hearing the facts about opportunities. And it is still looked clearly in my mind. And I didn't deserve it as a FRIEND..

don't do mathematics, if you act as a FRIEND [it sucks..]

don't share any opportunities as a FRIEND with me, 
please use right term, a PARTNER
*except you want to be honest like I do.. [it would better for us....]

From those moment, I got 2 scenarios..
*thanks to Mike who had shared with me honestly

a TRUST is hard to get, don't waste that

[Good Scenario] I got the REAL facts about our market, even new standard too. And those are good for us.. We could step forward..

[Bad Scenario] Until now, I have been deceived, cheated, and was about to be fooled again.. And that's hurt too..

Could I forget those?
Nope, because I've been witness to the STUPIDITY of HUMAN RACE

those "Money could do anything" is absolutely right [>___<]

I've learned these things ::
  1. don't be enslaved by money
  2. don't do business as a FRIEND (better to be a PARTNER)
  3. don't expect too much with the opportunities
--- do you know, why those hurt me? ---

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