Tuesday, July 19

thank you Mr. X

... before I forget this awesome idea ...

I was chat with my friend, bla bla bla....
Until I shared: "Yesterday, Mr. X was suck.."
Then, she tell me that she had upset to Mr. X too, but somehow Mr. X isn't bad-tempered one.. Well, yeaaah.. We know it, it isn't his type..
From those simple conversation, I want to change my mindset..
When I started to think negatively to someone, I should do these steps:
  1. Move my ring (my new media)
  2. Apologize
  3. Start to think goodness that you make..
At least, when you came to my world, you ever made me smile ^^
* I did no.1
* sometimes I forget no.2
* no.3 is new for me

--- a better option ---

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