Monday, July 25

tim - liquid (lyric)

tim - liquid

twenty thousand leagues underneath the sea
waiting for you to rescue me
it’s nothing like i predicted
i had my chance but i missed it
now the water’s washing me away
i am drifting farther from you everyday (everyday)

it’s cold and here that i’ve ever known
but it’s my fault that i am all alone
cause you didn’t know i’ve existed
i hide it underneath all this liquid
now i am struggling beneath the waves
choking on the words that i didn’t say (now it’s too late)

feels like i am drowning
i am going under
u can’t be grounded
now i'll always wonder
there is so much more i shoulda said i had my breath instead
and it feels like i am drowning (drowning)

i didn’t have the courage to speak the truth
i wonder if you even had a clue
the current took me right out of reach
there's no turning back cause i am in too deep
u sailed away with someone else
i wish i would have told you how i felt (how i felt)

u showed me the world in a different view
now the only color i see is blue
thought i would be a fool to admit it
now i wish i would have committed
cause i am struggling beneath the waves
choking on the words that i couldn’t say (now it’s too late)

[back to chorus]

i can stay afloat much longer
how much more can i take
cause this current is getting stronger
i am losing my strength
i never thought that i would run out of time
before i’ve made up my mind
to show you how i felt inside
now i am sinking in the tide

[back to chorus] 2x

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