Sunday, April 10


... weekend meals ...

I didn't accept it!!
After you said that things, I told to simbok that I want to increase my weight. Actually, this was one of my hopes at last new year. I thought 50 - 60 is better for me ^^

How about my sis?
My sister just told that she was bored because of the same menu these days. She told to simbok too, that she wanted simbok to cook some menu..

Last result..
Here was our weekend menu:
  • Friday :: Perkedel Ayam + Schotle + Salad Buah
  • Saturday :: Fu Yung Hai + Nasi Lesah + Baceman
  • Sunday :: Bistik Galantin + Salad Buah
  • Monday :: Bistik Galantin.. Is it same? No problemo for me, I love bistik..
You know what..
I usually eat those food, hahahaaa.. Simbok is the great chef I ever had ^^
And the best thing of this story, I realized that fruit is delicious, yummy..

--- I loph my mom ---

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