Sunday, April 3

3 hours [part 2]

... what was I doing ...

[1] As usual, lee was on the way by car, sleeping :p

[2] I watched the ID's car that passing with mine, AA - Magelang, AB - Yogyakarta, AD - Solo, B - Jakarta and H - Semarang. Cold Lava's impact was huge too..

[3] I sang children song, "Dari Terbit Matahari" (suddenly remember this song), because I saw beautiful scenery there, especially the sky. I took a picture that unique one ^^

[4] From Act-3, I started to listen songs from my HP, next was humming and tapping..
I set my playlist on shuffle mode, then I got surprise in the result, and I called it "All About You", hahahaaa..
  • 1. 2NISE - Because Of You
  • 2. MYMP - Especially For You
  • 3. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Gomawoo ^^

[5] When I arrived at Magelang city, I felt that I look like someone who had been fired from the job, wakakakakakakak....

--- truly a waste of time, fatigue, stress ---

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