Friday, April 8

it's all about lines

... grey's anatomy S01E02 ...
The First Cut Is the Deepest

it's all about lines
the finish line at the end of residency
waiting in line for a chance at the operating table

and then there's the most important line
the line separating you from the people you work with
it doesn't help to get too familiar
to make friends

you need boundaries between you and the rest of the world
other people are far too messy

it's all about lines
drawing lines in the sand
and praying like hell no one crosses them

at some point, you have to make some a decision
boundaries don't keep other people out
they fence you in

life is messy
that's how we're made

so, you can waste your life drawing lines
or you can live your life crossing them

but there are some lines
that a way too dangerous to cross

here's what i know
if you're willing to take the chance
the view from the other side is spectacular

--- funny, huh ---

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