Wednesday, April 6

comic :: especially for you

... for the precious one ...
look at his face, it looks as mbiyiing as her
--- mbiyiing law ---
mbiyiing == dudutz and dudutz == mbiyiing

[krik.. krik.. krik....]
when we are in the "cool mode", stay cool as we can
I knew if I was cool, unfortunately she was menthel
geez, I still like her style >,<

sometimes, I feel gemez & gregeten if she did crobo things
now, I just grabbed her hair
hmmmmm, when I could kicking easily [hoping]

[cup.. cup.. cup.... elus.. elus....]
when mewek & menjeb comes
I always be there for you as usual
and vise versa, gomawoooo ^^

no matter what happens
even when the sky is falling down
*’** ******* ***
**** *’** ***** *** *** **

--- still on my promise ---

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