Thursday, November 17

it's packing time :p

... this is a fun story about this whole weekend ...

When Simbok said: "it's packing time.."
It means: "it's a watching time.."
Watching her packing her stuff, packing dad stuff, packing my stuff (LoL), packing my sis too
maybe she is too galau or maybe this is her hobby
* both are true :p

Daddy: # still lazed
Me: # I bothered her
My sis: # just giggle

And after that time, these were what we do..
Daddy: # still lazed
Me: I'll check my stuff that have been packed # re-check & re-select
(it's all about my 'style')
My Sis: I'll package my own stuff
(it's all about her 'taste')

--- day 2 ---


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