Tuesday, February 8


... I shouldn't say these ...

What if I had more self confidence and more patience to wait?
I'll spend much time with you. And I would really appreciate it. Because I like to stay-close with you. There would be no regret..
[Unfortunately, I didn't have it all..]
We couldn't get together in senior high school. I could only see from a distance, even it was vague. Never met, never saw your act, never heard your voice, never felt it again. So sick of me..
But I found your replacement, my dear one.. (and I'll never forget you, 'BC')
I learned patience from her. I learned to accept people as it is. I learned to be a wise man. I was changed.. I loph her as my own sister, and I always keep in touch with her 'till now ^^

What if miss Jaeho still on the line?
Maybe, I could still enjoy your innocence and cute. We could 'gojek' together..
[Sorry you passed the wrong line..]
Tet tooot, you broke our heart

What if I didn't read 'the note'?
I think it would get worse when I never realize it..
[Even after I read it]
I knew that I was guilty, but my efforts to fix it always in vain.. zero.. NULL.... No response at all..
I was foolish.. I can only say: 'no comment..'

What if I know your feeling?
Maybe I would comfort you and make sure that everything gonna be alright..
[But I did childish things]
I felt your anger, then I was afraid to come in again. Sorry, I didn't mean it, but I had broke ours..
I was foolish, huh? I can only hum: 'anyong, goodbye, adios~~~'

What if ... ?
No need to say 'ruguo' or 'what if' again..
I am not a fool!! I don't want to sing 'apa' song anymore..
I have to keep my promise. That's all

--- this was my karma ---

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