Friday, February 11


... how to escape from this 'fake' world ...

Stuck is suck
Don't kidding with me
Just don't..

These are my favorite ways, maybe you wanna try it:
  1. Build my own busy world. Trying to divert my mind, attention and feelings. Focus on our busy things. Hopefully I can forget for a moment..
  2. Not 'online'. Mail, messenger, social network, and also HP. Avoid another 'frictions' from those..
  3. Listening music or watching video, then let me high. Sometimes I find songs that represent my feelings too. I'm not alone..
  4. Taking a bath and enjoy myself. Although I hate to take a bath, I would enjoy that time so much. So clear and refreshing..
  5. [new] Eating a lot. Fill my emptiness, it is quite tiring..
  6. Sleeping. And hope that it just a dream..
  7. Swimming. I ever tell before, that I found 'new' world, the blue one, the fresh one, the honest one. And I loph it ^^
  8. .... (still finding another ways..)
--- I'm very myself ---

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